100% natural protective bronzing powder with a unique process combining the coverage of an oil and the lightness of a powder. Without chemical preservative, silicone or talc.


SIZE : 6.5g

Sunbrella® is a 100% natural protective bronzing powder.  Naturally tinted, it camouflages your imperfections and offers you a radiant and luminous tanned complexion, while mattifying oily skin zones. Sunbrella® has a non-greasy finish, does not block your pores, contains no chemical preservatives, nor silicone, nor talc and does not leak. With its easy-to-use applicator, Sunbrella® becomes a must-have to slip into your purse.

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This concealing powder helps prevent visible signs of aging by forming a physical mineral layer on the surface of the skin. Additionally, it provides a natural and ecological protection, allows imperfections to be concealed, and promotes a luminous, radiant, and tanned complexion.

Apply Sunbrella® in thick layers to adequately protect the skin. Apply the powder to the face, neck and other areas exposed to sunlight. Repeat application during periods of prolonged exposure to the sun or when friction occurs on the area of application. The quantity applied must be sufficient to protect your skin. Sunbrella® may also be used on the hands, neck line and other areas showing signs of premature aging.

Functioning of the brush : Remove the black cap and turn the brush guard slightly counterclockwise to release the brush. Press a few times on the push button located at the end of the brush to help the powder descend into the brush. Afterwards, follow the directions for use.

Thoroughly cover the desired area with powder and reapply if friction on the area where the product was applied causes the powder to rub off. For external use only. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with clear water. Avoid using on irritated or wounded skin. Avoid use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. For best results, use this product conjointly with the Voilà cream by Davincia.

Coconut Oil: a natural sunscreen rich in vitamin E with antiseptic, regenerative and moisturizing properties

Damask Rose Water: toning, anti-wrinkle and refreshing astringent water that prevents premature aging of the skin

Non-nanoparticle Titanium Dioxide: an antimicrobial compound that acts as a filter for blocking harmful rays

Zinc Oxide: an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that promotes scarring and acts as a physical filter for blocking out harmful sun rays due to prolonged sun exposure.

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