Stretch marks


Finally, a non-invasive process for treating stretch marks!

Stretch marks are scar-like streaks (cracks) in the skin. They often appear due to rapid stretching of the skin, such as during weight gain or pregnancy. You can reduce stretch marks on your stomach, hips, thighs, and arms without resorting to invasive or harmful methods and with the utmost respect for the living nature of your skin. This skin condition can be treated the same way scars are treated.

Want to have perfect skin and conceal embarrassing imperfections such as stretch marks? Discover how to treat stretch marks with Biocompatible Care by DavinciaUnlike laser treatment of stretch marks, this non-invasive rejuvenation treatment stimulates the production of collagen in a specific area to allow the skin to renew itself. The recommended treatments, products, collagen creams , and collagen precursor serum  are considered effective and significantly help reduce the appearance of stretch marks while regenerating your damaged skin.

Biocompatible Care acts on the dead fiber of stretch marks while nourishing the dermis so that your skin can renew itself and restore its natural appearance. It is a safe and natural treatment method to promote skin repair and regeneration. It takes several sessions to get satisfactory results, regardless of the age, type, or color of stretch marks. Although red stretch marks are among the easiest to reduce, Biocompatible Care has proven effective on red, pink, and white stretch marks. Biocompatible Care is an innovative and alternative solution to lasers, chemical peels, and chemical exfoliation for the treatment of stretch marks. Contact your Davincia ambassador to transform your skin!

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