Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Davincia identifies various ways to reduce the environmental and social impacts of its esthetic and cosmetic products and their ingredients. With the growing number of natural and organic cosmetic manufacturers, fair trade and ethical
sourcing have become fundamental concerns.

Davincia’s philanthropy
We want to reinvest in society by integrating the following factors into our business strategy:
  • Integrate our behavior into our business strategies
  • Harmonize our practices and social causes
  • Inspire our customers and involve them in our social commitments
  • Capitalize on social media to strengthen our movement
  • Respect and encourage ethical practices
  • Aim for a truly sustainable full value chain
  • Believe in the “give to receive” philosophy

Standards for natural and organic cosmetics have been receiving increasing attention and Davincia is part of the movement, with new emerging projects that address different aspects of sustainability.


Davincia’s sustainability initiatives have gained a lot of traction in the beauty industry and focus on reducing the company’s environmental and social impacts by investing in green formulas, sustainable packaging, certification programs, biodiversity, and ethical supply chains.

We are aware that every decision counts and that social responsibility is a long-term process. We are committed to going down this road for the greater good.