Davincia philosophy

Davincia philosophy

Davincia is a line of health and beauty products that respect biological laws (living nature).
Laying the groundwork

In order to germinate, seeds need the right conditions for proper growth and development. Human cells are no different—they need the perfect environment to thrive. Based on this principle, the Davincia line is composed of natural ingredients with superior properties that create the perfect conditions for biological cells to thrive.

Biocompatibility and synergy

To be effective, an active ingredient must be recognized by the body (biocompatible). This creates the optimal conditions needed for the body to absorb therapeutic substances. That’s why Davincia offers the most natural products possible and enhances its formulas by using synergistic combinations of ingredients.


Davincia offers long-term solutions and focuses on laying the groundwork to build a solid foundation, making it possible to even prevent certain conditions. Rather than simply tackling the problem, Davincia provides skin with the tools it needs to develop strength and resilience, so it stays healthy over time.


Davincia aims to offer holistic products and solutions. That means using ingredients that respect the body and nature, but also the people who produce them. We care about the overall well-being of the people around us. Our social responsibility is embodied in our products.


A mission of inspiration

Become an inspiration for women everywhere who aspire to well-being.

A vision of sharing

Maintain an optimal level of knowledge and eagerly share it. Provide natural, effective, and healthy everyday health and beauty products. Support customers in their journey toward well-being.

A value of authenticity

Be authentic and use healthy, safe, and effective methods and products that respect biological integrity and really do what they say they do.

Mme Nathalie Forget ND.A

Nathalie Forget is a certified naturopath and electrologist. She is familiar with the traditional beauty methods available on the market through her many years of experience with dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. Having long suffered from severe skin problems herself, she knows personally how they affect self-esteem. She was greatly disappointed by the after-effects of many traditional treatments and has made it her mission to help women with skin problems in the healthiest way possible.

With a solid reputation as the head of a franchise network of eleven clinics, she is leading a renaissance in medical esthetics by creating a natural solution that is revolutionizing the beauty industry. Ms. Forget is one of the few women under 40 to hold a Canadian patent (Biocompatible Care®).  

Inspired by nature, she created the Davincia line, a unique concept in health and beauty care and products based on the principles of biocompatibility. Ms. Forget is dedicated to addressing the challenges of skin problems and introducing natural effective solutions that have no side effects.

Today she offers natural therapeutic solutions in health and beauty care that provide fast and lasting tangible results, all with the greatest respect for biological integrity. Ms. Forget has also created an academy to increase her customers’ knowledge. She firmly believes that knowledge leads to awareness.