Brown spots

Brown Spots and Beauty

Over time and after much exposure to the sun, skin can develop brown spots, which can be a real nuisance. Brown spots occur on the face or body when devitalized skin is exposed to the sun. Healthy skin doesn’t develop brown spots when exposed to the sun and tans evenly as long as there is no excessive or damaging sun exposure. Davincia is the rejuvenation standard for the treatment of signs of aging such as brown spots, white spots, red spots, keratosis, and brown scars.

Get a clear understanding of facial brown spot treatments such as lasers, pulsed light, Biocompatible Care, microdermabrasion, and the best spot creams on the market. Our technicians will guide you to the best treatment method to help you get a clearer and more even complexion that is free of skin spots. Treat brown spots quickly and safely, but above all, choose a natural solution—Davincia biocompatible cosmetic products and creamsTo learn more about brown spots, read Everybody Dreams of Perfect Skin Without Spots!

The Davincia effect on brown spots


Treatments for brown spots on the face or body are very common. Some beauty treatment methods use pulsed light photorejuvenation technology (similar to a laser) to erase skin imperfections. However, the healthiest and most long-lasting solution for brown spots is Biocompatible Care by Davincia.

With our Davincia rejuvenation method, you can treat lentigines (brown spots caused by sun exposure) on your décolleté, arms, hands, back, shoulders, and legs. Adding a spot cream like Vitalita cream will give you the best possible chance of reducing the appearance of brown spots. This revolutionary and 100% natural cream contains agents that act directly on brown spots, clearing them away and preventing them.

Once lesions or spots have been cleared away, Davincia ambassadors and highly trained professional technicians and beauticians will present you with preventive solutions to keep your skin young and beautiful. Prevention of facial brown spots is a powerful way to keep your skin young and healthy. Now you can lighten your skin tone in a natural and sustainable way.

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