Biocompatible Care

Biocompatible Care®



Purifies skin
& captures toxins

Treat yourself to therapeutic Biocompatible Care®, which deeply cleanses and purifies your skin by eliminating dead cells and accumulated toxins. Make your skin clean and healthy again!


Instantly radiant
& plumped skin

Revive your complexion and true beauty and say goodbye to problem skin with the unique Biocompatible Care treatment. See your skin start to glow right away.


Stimulates your own collagen
& prevents aging

Opt for the natural and synergistic power of Davincia creams and products. Infuse your skin with biocompatible nutrients and exclusive antioxidants. See your skin thicken and become more toned from the first treatment.


The alternative to chemical peels

Beautiful, healthy, natural skin. For a clear complexion and soft, healthy skin, choose Biocompatible Care® .

Transform your skin today.

Do you find that:

  • Your complexion is dull?
  • Your skin lacks radiance?
  • Your skin is plagued with impurities such as blackheads or brown spots?
  • Your skin has embarrassing little outbreaks such as pimples?
  • Your skin pores are enlarged?
  • Your crow’s feet are getting worse?

Free, cleanse, and oxygenate your skin with a superior treatment that respects its integrity. Well-exfoliated skin is more receptive to the active ingredients of creams used at home. Skin is more supple and moisturized, skin pores are purified and tightened, fine lines fade.

Davincia treatments such as Biocompatible Care® are administered by highly qualified beauticians who care about your wellbeing. During a personalized consultation, your beautician will suggest the best treatment and organic cream for your skin type.

The Davincia Biocompatible Care® treatment is an innovation in skin care. It offers results far superior to those obtained with a facial. It deeply cleanses skin and is effective on all skin colors and types—from dry to oily and from thick to fine. See what Biocompatible Care® can do for the health and beauty of your skin. Treat the cause rather than the problem. Choose natural prevention to look younger, longer.


The unique Davincia Biocompatible Care® mask is a real detox for the skin. Its innovative formula deeply cleanses by removing only unnecessary and harmful matter such as impurities and silicone or oil residue stuck to dead skin. Unlike standard methods, this treatment fully respects the biological integrity of skin cells.

Experience Biocompatible Care®